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My new exhibition at Exeter University Innovation Centre

Here's some advance notice of my new show at the Innovation Centre, starting a week tomorrow (July 2nd). 

The theme of the exhibition is exploring ideas of evolution - biological evolution, and the evolution of pattern and form.  

I will be showing sequences of photographs which trace possible evolutionary pathways as expressed in different media - ink/water, ink/glycerol, smoke, and light/glass.  The different media reveal connections that illuminate the development of pattern, and time-based sequences join the dots between different stages of the evolutionary journey.

The image featured on the brochure below is a detail from 'Rhythm and counter-rhythm'. This image, created using the Ahlborn tank at the University, shows patterns of parallel flows of ink running at different speeds. The complete image can be seen below in my June 21st entry 'Complex flows', and shows how paths of similar direction may be followed with very different results. 

OK ......... on with the preparations - lots to do!!  




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